About Us

While the Group was engaged in international forwarder marketing within the early years of its establishment, basic operations has oriented towards foreign trade, logistics, oil and oil products sectors along with the time.

SGL is a group of companies that has international competition power with its vast experience obtained since 1987, is respective and sensitive to the environment and social values and operates in different geographies. SGL continues to proceed rapidly by making its operational areas more widespread in different geographies and sectors as a worldwide company.

SGL constitutes a worldwide company which takes the bases of its dynamic structure from the roots of the social values system and future-embracing approaches from the universal principles. As an ultimate expression of this approach, we adopted the principle of leaving a livable world to the society, environment and next generations beyond our commercial expectations when carrying out our activities. SGS holds the Distribution License granted by the Energy Market Regulatory Board.


SGL supplies oil to ISAF, NATO, NAMSA, DESC (Defence Energy Support Center), DLA, UN (UNITED NATIONS) across the world. It carries out oil sales not only within Turkey and Europe but also across the world by concluding agreements with many large companies. It targets the leadership in the field of supply by broadening its horizon.

Recently, SGL has cooperated directly with world’s prominent oil refineries with its advancements, and started to easily meet the demands of respectively Jet-A1, JP8, UL91, Avgas100LL and Euro-Diesel & 95 Octane Gasoline, F-76, IFO 180 types of fuels that are used in fuel oil, civil and military aviation as well as marine sectors.