Avgas 100LL -- UL91

Avgas 100LL -- UL91

It is a standard high octane fuel for planes with small-piston engines used in aviation.

Piston engines operates with using the same principle as the internal combustion engines in the cars, however, planes need higher performance.

It has a high lead content and is blue colored.

Lead content of Avgas 100 is low.

Avgas 100LL contains lead with a ratio of 0.56 g/l.

This ratio is listed with the same properties with aviation gasoline, i.e. ASTM D 910 and UK DEF STAN 91-90.

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Aviation gasoline UL91 is used to power piston-engine aircraft and rotax engines.

Aviation gasoline UL91(unleaded) is a mixture of hydrocarbons prepared by the processing of crude oil. It contains anti-oxidant and anti-static additives.

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