JP-8 being an aviation fuel was accepted as the common military fuel of NATO countries in late 1980s.

JP-8, 99.8% of which consists of kerosene, is mixed with several additives in order to be suitable for military applications.

The most important property of JP-8 fuel is that its freezing point is below -40°C.

The most common aviation fuels used currently are Jet A1 and JP-8. While Jet A1 is used in civil aviation planes, JP-8 is an improved version of JP-4 and JP-8 fuels for military aviation.

Specifications of JP-8 or NATO F-34, Jet A-1 fuel covering the army, may contain the fuel additive package of static dissipater additive (SDA), anti-corrosion fuel package of static dissipater additive (SDA), corrosion inhibitor / lubricity improver(CI / LI) and fuel system icing inhibitor (FSH) and antioxidant (AO) as well as metal deactivators (MDA).

The Sole Fuel for Combat Aircrafts used with Army and Air Route

Force per AR 70-12.

- MIL-DTL-83133, DEF STAN 91-87

- Freezing Point:

≤ -47ºC (-52.6°F)

- Density @ 15°C: 0.775 0.840 kg / L

- Fire point:

≥ 38ºC (100.4°F)